Refund Policy


Thank you for your purchase with us, CC Natural Skincare LLC. We do not accept exchanges or refunds. We do not accept any cancellations or allow changes to be made to your order after the order has been placed. However, if​ your order has not been processed, we can make changes to the mailing address and your email address if they are incorrect. We DO NOT offer refunds after the order has been placed due to the immediate processing and product preparation nature.

CC Natural Skincare LLC is not responsible for any discount codes, promotions, fees, or funds lost or forgotten due to failure to input any codes for promotions. For instance, e.g. if a 25% sale starts at 12:00 PM EST, and an order is placed at 11:59 AM EST, the discount code will not be honored as the discount code would have been in place in that time frame stated above. 

CC Natural Skincare LLC is Not responsible for damaged products during the shipping and delivery process.

*Our products are always re-inspected before the shipping process. 

We CC Natural Skincare LLC is not responsible for damaged or defective products during the shipping and delivery process. However, if this would happen, please feel free to contact us at e-mail, we will see what we can do to help resolve the issue.  However, you will be responsible for submitting photo images of the damaged or defective product.